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You might have gotten an e-mail or a tweet recently about something called the “NCTech4Good Unconference.”  You are probably wondering whether it is worth one’s time on a pretty Saturday to sit inside with a bunch of nerds, especially if (like me) this is how you already spent most of your week.

Well, let me tell you why I’ll be there.

As a geek, I’ll get to learn about some of the newest tools and interesting ideas percolating up. I’ll also get an opportunity to hear how my skills can be used to serve the community and make connections that might lead to my Next Big Project.

As a nonprofit professional, I’ll get to hear about some of the emerging technologies that I need to use in my work, and even form personal relationships with the experts in my field. I’ll also get a chance to tell my story to people who can commiserate and/or learn how to better serve organizations like mine.

As an activist, I’ll get a chance to evangelize. I can tell people why I think a certain technology or strategy is the very best, and help them see how it can be useful in their own work. I might even recuit new allies and advocates for my cause!

On some subjects I am a newbie, and I will learn from experts. On others, I am the pro and will show off my knowledge. One of the guiding rules of unconferences is this:

Whoever comes are the right group of people.

I hope some of you readers and friends are the right people, and that you’ll make this the wonderful event that YOU envision! Learn more at http://nctech4good.org/wiki


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