Jon’s story

My friend Jon is going to be on The Story (on WUNC 91.5 FM) today at 1pm. Jon is super-smart and has been doing some really interesting work with the Open Prothetics Project since his arm was blown off in Iraq. Here’s a picture of Jon and his family at my wedding.

Open source software is familiar to many of us, but open source hardware is a new idea. Robert Haag shared his fishing pole design on an internet space called The Open Prosthetics Project. Dick talks to two site founders, Chuck Messer and Jonathan Kuniholm.

Jonathan lost his right arm in combat in the Iraq war. His company built the web community, which brings together amputees, engineers and prosthetists to develop and share home-grown advancements.
The Story with Dick Gordon — North Carolina Public Radio WUNC

I have a meeting during the show so I hope someone tapes it…

Bonus link: Cool robotic stuff Jon was already working on before his injury.

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