It’s NPTech time!

NTC logo I’m getting ready to head to DC for the 2007 Nonprofit Technology Conference for the rest of this week.  For many of us, this conference is a like an annual reunion of a wonderful group of socially-conscious geeks.  We were there for each other back when the rest of the nonprofit sector thought we were crazy… and look – we're all grown up (and in demand) now! 😉

On Thursday I'll be leading a discussion on "The Future of Online Outreach" along with Carnet Williams, who has been at this even longer than I have.  On Friday I will participate in panels about "The Community Driven Nonprofit: Web 2.0 Applied" and "User-centric web publishing: Using RSS, tags, and microformats to give your stakeholders the content they want."  Somewhere in there is also a meeting at the office, lunch with clients, catching up with old coworkers, and a half a dozen parties around DC!

Let me know if you will be there as well.  I'll be watching the backchannel, especially Twittter.

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