It’s a good thing I like MT 2.64

Warning, the following post is very geeky!

Complaint about Blogger (which runs this blog you are reading right now): I can’t do a “trackback” which allows my blog to tell another blog that I’m writing about something on the other blog. For example, I want to ping Mena Trott‘s entry about the MovableType 3.0, because…

Complaint about MovableType (which runs The new free version only allows for one blog and three authors. That means I would have to pay for that software to run I already gave MoveableType a donation last year because their stuff rocks. But under the new licensing in MT 3.0, users are expected to pay $120 to accomplish what I’m already doing (having multiple authors in amd hosting other blogs) or maybe even more if I’m considered a “commercial” user.

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