Keep it simple, stupid

Jason Fried’s opening remarks sound just like advice that I often give to visionary friends who are always dreaming up great new ideas but waiting for all the stars to align before they make them happen. Jason says that it’s great to start thing up “on the side.” This is how 37signals started Basecamp. He …

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Go, Bob, go!

On my flight from NC to TX yesterday (4th plane of the day) I sat next to a guy who happenned to also be going to SXSW. He was from New York, but had just given a talk at Duke. His name is Bob Stein and he works for a think tank focused on preserving …

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I’m here at my first South by Southwest panel, it’s called “knitting tag clouds for grandma.” There’s a lot of discussion about what it will take for large numbers of people (ie: regular people, not geeks) to use tags and folksonomies. Someone in the audience made a great point: any one creating folders on their …

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SXSW in my own words

The Austin Chronicle invited some attendees of the upcoing South by Southwest Interactive to write short essays about what they were looking to get out of the event. It was a nice way to let people speak for themselves, and also gave their reporters a break by not having to interview all of us. 😉 …

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March madness

Lest you think that the end of my job at Planned Parenthood meant the end of my globetrotting… I have got my own personal world tour coming up in March. I will be out of town on 3 different trips for a total of 15 days. I will be doing a presentation for work on …

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How to connect conference participants

As far as wired conferences go, South By Southwest seems to really be getting it right. You can see all of their oferrings in the SXSW Toolbox. Here’s a list of the resources I have used or checked out so far, and of course the event hasn’t even started yet:

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SXSW or bust

If you look really hard on this page you will find me listed as one of many speakers at South by Southwest Interactive. And it’s not a typo! I’ve always wanted to attend SXSW even back when it was just the hotspot of independent music. The musicians I knew spoke of it with awe. Now …

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