I was Just on BBC!

I just wrote an e-mail to the BBC Newshour when they asked “Does it matter that Kofi Annan says the US action in Iraq was illegal?” They read my letter! First!!!! Here’s what I wrote:

YES! Yes, it matters that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was a massive violation of international law. The fact that it was allowed to stand by the U.N. and the world community erodes the authority of the U.N. in particular, and sets a horrible example for other despots to act with impunity whenever their personal interests dictate. President Bush must be held accountable by the U.N. even if the people of the United States fail to comprehend the implications of our militarism. History will have to tell us the true story of the Bush administration as the American newsmedia are unable to do so.

UPDATE: This page show the letters they have received (including part of mine).

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