I didn’t want to do this

One of the web sites* that I have been relying on for wedding planning is theknot.com. After spending a couple of months using the site and getting our guests to enter their personal information and RSVPs, the feature allowing us to export this data has gone on indefinite vacation!

The above screenshot says “our site will be down for several hours today for required maintenance.” The above was taken around noon on Sunday, July 16th and has not changed since then. In other words, the site has been down for “important” – but apparently not scheduled – maintenance for three days now, whith no advance warning to users.

As you can imagine, I have sent many e-mails into the black hole known as feedback@theknot.com. It’s time to play hard ball. Should I contact their press rep and threaten a blog swarm, should I start contacting advertisers, or should I just threaten to sue unless they send me my goddamn guest list?

Oh, and did I mention the wedding is in 4 days? This is not a good time to fuck with me. 😉

* I wanted to use CiviCRM for all of our online wedding needs, but I was unable to upgrade CivicSpace (which I installed in 2005) to a current version. My offers to pay someone to do this simple upgrade went unanswered. So we resorted to theknot.com and evite.com and our wedding web site still looks like crap.

2 thoughts on “I didn’t want to do this

  1. Deep breath, Ruby, you made me laugh even if you aren’t! Best of luck and enjoy the wedding – you may not know who’s coming but you are going to end up married!

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