How to keep thinking like a network

I had a great time today at the 2010 N.C. Tech for Good Conference. (Izzy enjoyed the reception afterward.)

I did a talk called “How to think like a network,” which is my latest iteration of my favorite subject: the five aspects of effective networks, a.k.a. network-centric advocacy. I’ve been talking to nonprofits, geeks, and activists about this approach for five years now (!) and while the technology has changed a lot, I think the strategy is as relevant as ever.

I’m embedding the presentation below, but I would really like to encourage comments especially from the folks who participated in the session today. Even though we had an entire hour for discussion, I was a little frustrated that we didn’t cover very much. So I hope we can use this post as an opportunity to ask and answer each other’s questions and keep the conversation going.

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