Hands off my pills, Target

I just made a contribution to Planned Parenthood’s photo petition against Target’s refusal to guarantee that their pharmasicts will fill all prescriptions for birth control (inluding emergency contraception.

Brian and Ruby will decide

There are already hundreds of other great pictures in this campaign that was inspired by the fabulous (and still growing) SorryEverybody.com. You can browse them at http://www.saveroe.com/target/photos

What I really love about campigns like this is how expressive individuals can be in a visual medium, and how diverse and creative their presentations are. In the target photos, there are some with pictures of kids, pets, christmas trees, married people, body parts, cartoons, friends, and so on. Each person is really able to send a very personal, and therefore very meaningful message.

3 thoughts on “Hands off my pills, Target

  1. Ruby- love the picture and the message! I just submitted one too… with a jack-o-lantern! I am very disappointed that now I have so few places to shop- I started boycotting Walmart 2 years ago and never looked back. Hopefully Target will change its tune- who do they think shops there anyway? I still stick with Roses, even though it’s owned by the Popes. What ever happened to the good old fashioned general store?

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