Good (god) music

I have come across a couple of really great free music resources online this week. One is a “mixtape” by the hip hop group The Legendary K.O. These are the guys who did the radical “George Doesn’t Care About Black People” song (download MP3) after Hurricane Katrina. I had better luck downloading the “C.I.G.A.C ‘Pre-Season’ Mixtape” from the blog than from the K.O. site.

Which is how I discovered that Rappers I Know has dozens of original songs and remixes for free download. I pretty much kept downloading MP3s until Firefox cried uncle, and I didn’t even get half of the tunes available!

Another great recent discovery is a movie called “The God Who Wasn’t There” via a review on Jesus’ General, one of the funniest political blogs I’ve ever seen (and home of Republican Jesus).

The movie’s entire soundtrack is available for download and is under a Creative Commons license. Infact, the soundtrack has some very liberal samples on it from last year’s Wired CD, also CC licensed – ie: made available for sharing and remixing just like this.

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