Get well, Cy!

My friend Cy was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor last month. He’s on chemo and radiation now, but he doesn’t have insurance. His parents’ church has set up an account to collect money to help with Cy’s medical expenses. You can learn more about Cy at the blog his friends set up when he was diagnosed:

I’ve set up an online donation tool so people can fundraise all over the internet. Here it is, I hope you will give and pass it on:

[Cy has a posse]

Update: Added link to Cy’s blog per Susan’s suggestion.

4 thoughts on “Get well, Cy!

  1. I’d suggest more people would be glad to help if there was a little more information given about this – Info about the patient, not about Jesus. Some little story about why this person is special to you, and his situation without crossing the line in invading his privacy of course, unless he’s comfortable with that.
    Just my opinion, but the Jesus barb can be much more hurtful to the effort to raise funds than you might expect.

  2. Thank you, Susan. Your advice means a lot coming from the reigning champ of using social media to beat cancer!
    This site is not the central point for Cy’s community of support, otherwise I would agree with your suggestions about the tone. This being my blog, I only hope to appeal to people who like me and/or care what I have to say. So I’m not too worried about turning those people off by sharing my opinions.

    If you go to, you’ll see comments from hundreds of Cy’s friends. That is where I send people who may want to support him.

  3. Ruby – I’m sure you meant breast cancer ….

    Anyway, I pinged Susan for you and a few other folks who are active in the cancer/social media community.

    I also kicked in $10 – but looks like the badge is not updating.

    Why don’t you make a little video with your web cam about your friend.


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