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The brilliant Kellan Elliott-McCrea (my friend and former colleague) has put together a searchable archive of the first year of Twitter posts, and I’ve had some fun quickly going down the rabbit hole to 2006 when I had just gotten married and was enjoying travelling around to DC and other places for my job at NetCentric Campaigns.

I tweeted 170 times in that first year starting in October 2006, about 6 months or so after Twitter was effectively born.

At the risk of being narcissistic, here are a few of my old tweets that I thought were emblematic of that time. One of the most interesting things is how similarly I use Twitter today. I still talk about the same subjects including basketball, music, open source, and politics (but a little less “I had this for lunch” and no more Second Life). I still share links, converse with others, and complain about riding transit. I even live-tweeted a talk by David Weinberger at the 2007 NTC.

Plumbers gone. Rockin’ out to the awesome “Break the Chains” compilation
9:43 AM – 13 Oct 06

Very excited that I have no meetings tonight! What will I do with all this freedom?
4:53 PM – 24 Oct 06 (Something I will probably never tweet again for at least 15 years.)

Just added a custom twitter bug to my blog. I’m so trendy!
3:01 PM – 21 Nov 06

Just gave up on Civimail and Dreamhost ever behaving, and sent a newsletter with Constant Contact instead. A demoralizing day for open source.
4:14 PM – 12 Dec 06

Women’s halftime score: UNC 44, Del St 22. Everything is under control.
2:54 PM – 28 Dec 06  (Already tweeting about basketball!)

Currently obsessed with and Look me up if you’re in there.
10:19 PM – 20 Feb 07

Just had my brain enjoyably adjusted by Cory Doctorow, speaking at UNC.
4:02 PM – 22 Feb 07

@SteveOlson: w00t! Does that mean you are actually going to start Twittering now?
11:01 AM – 6 Mar 07  (My first @ reply.)

Stopped due to freight traffic again! This may be the last time I voluntarily ride Amtrak in the South.
6:54 PM – 16 Mar 07

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