Fitzmas Eve thoughts

I was just listening to the news and thinking about this Republican investigator and how hard it must be for him to indict Bush and Cheney’s brains. They say this Fitzgerald guy is all principled and stuff, but you don’t get to be a powerful Republican in this country by pissing the Bush family off.

It seems to me that he’s not really that concerned with the leak that compromised U.S. security, he’s more pissed off that the guys lied to him personally. I suspect that this is why Scooter Libby and maybe Karl Rove are only going to get charged with obstructing the investigation instead of with the crime that was being investigated.

As far as I know, there has been no evidence that pointed to anyone but Cheney -> Libby -> Rove as the source of the leak. I haven’t heard any explanation for why Fitzgerald is unable (or unwilling) to indict on the crime that led to his investigation.

Remember this entire investigation is a result of Bush’s lying to convince Congress to support his war for oil. Let’s make sure voters don’t forget that.

UPDATE @ 2:00pm: it’s official:

Libby was indicted on charges of perjury, obstruction of justice and making false statements. The five-count indictment charged that he gave misleading information to the grand jury, allegedly lying about information he discussed with three news reporters. It alleged that he committed perjury before the grand jury in March 2004 and that he also lied to FBI agents investigating the case.

Shortly after the indictment was announced, Libby resigned his White House positions.

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