Feeling PATRIOTic?

It’s not that I’m not interested in observing Bush’s attempt to replace Rove with Roberts in the headlines, but meanwhile… government is happening, Congress is strengthening the goddamn Patriot Act, we may not have any rights left to quibble over by the time we have yet another white male on the Supreme Court.

Yesterday I wrote a letter to Wonkette about this. I doubt she’s going to publish it or pay attention to my request, so I’m sharing it here with the rest of the world (er, the three people that read my blog).

Dear Wonkstress,

Not only is congress discussing the reauthorization of the Patriot Act as you noticed today (“• Administration advocates extension of Patriot Act as Congress tackles issue today”). They are in fact trying to strengthen it and make it permanent! Even Republicans hate these proposals (see http://checksbalances.org).

I know it seems dull compared to watching volleys in the match over whether Rove or Roberts gets the headlines, but this may well have more serious long-term implications than all the damage both of them can do. Plus there are so many great jokes you can make about tough-guy Republicans being more afraid of milquetoast lefties than of subway bombers.

In case you need material (unlikely) I have helped the ACLU set-up a blog where you can get very current information: http://blog.reformthepatriotact.org . Wonk on…

= Ruby

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