Employee FIRED for not supporting Bush

An incredible story posted on AMERICAblog today says that this woman was fired from her job after her boss told her to remove a John Kerry sticker from her car. She rightly told him that he couldn’t tell her who to vote for. So he gave her the boot. She was told she “could either work for him or John Kerry.” This same guy had previously included a letter in everyone’s paychecks arguing that they all benefitted from Bush’s tax cuts because he was a recipient of them.

Please go visit the site to read the whole story, and make a donation to support this woman who “must do without income for three weeks while the state unemployment commission decides if she is eligible for compensation.” By the way, the criminal Bush supporter who is her boss is named Phil Gaddis.

Hmmm, let’s see if any Republicans denouce this economic intimidation. Freedom from political intimidation is the foundation of our (supposedly) democratic system. Think any officials will call for investigation of his illegal strongarming of employees?

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