Electric nomad

As I am an itinerant worker today, in search of quiet places to sit with good access to an electric outlet.

Twenty-four hours ago, this happened about a quarter mile from my house:
Umstead Drive Umstead Drive

And wouldn’t you know it, I was in the middle of leading a remote presentation using a web conference, voice over IP, and video! Amazingly, I completed the presentation without too much trouble (sans Internet) by relying on my battery powered laptop and cell phone.

I think nearly 10% of the community is out of power. Community updates and reactions are here: http://OrangePolitics.org/2007/04/turn-on-the-lights/

1 thought on “Electric nomad

  1. good job finishing your presentation. that must have been stressful.

    i live and work in durham and the power in my apartment was out for a while yesterday. today the power was out at my office and just the internet was out at home.

    btw, hi. i added your blog as part of my spree of adding things to my reader after i got back from nten. i think i saw a link to your blog from another one and i remembered aliya (who i work with at netcorps) mentioning you.

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