Election Time, Orange County!

Once again, it’s that time of year when my friends start asking who to vote for. It’s sometimes hard to understand local elections, especially in non-partisan races and primaries, like this Tuesday’s main event. Here are my sugegstions for voters in Orange County, NC:

Anyone who is registered as a Democrat or Unaffiliated can vote in the Democratic Party primary. For congress you have the option to cast a protest vote against David Price by supporting Kent Kanoy who has run an idealistic and Quixotic campaign. In the Orange County Commissioners race, I strongly support Mike Nelson, former Carrboro Mayor and professional environmental lobbyist, Fred Battle, head of the local NAACP and a veteran municipal employee, and Barry Jacobs, a talented sports writer and incumbent Commissioner.

This year the race for two Superior Court judicial seats is blessed with several qualified candidates. Voters will pick two, and the top four will advance to the November election. I am enthusiastically supporting Adam Stein, who has been a national civil rights pioneer and a local progressive political stalwart. For the second seat, I recommend either Chuck Anderson, who has 10 years of experience as a district court judge, or Allen Baddour, a promising new face who I expect will have a lengthy and distinguished judicial career regardless of this year’s election.

I could go on about how principled and qualified each of these candidates are, but if you would like more information about these and other races please visit OrangePolitics.org and the OP Election Guide.

No matter who it’s for, please vote Tuesday May 2nd!

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