Deep Veeps

(9:47) Things are getting a little less scripted and a little more interesting now… The moderator said the word “Halliburton!” Yay (have a drink)… WOW! She just nailed Cheney on gay marriage referred to his lesbian daughter (not in so many words, of course)… Edwards is extra-outing her now, even though he stops way short of supporting marriage… Edwards did a good Lakoff-framing thing when he said “we don’t just value wealth like they do, we value work”…

(10:26) Uh, I think Edwards just fucked up seriously. Instead of answering the question of what makes him different than the other VP candiate, he spent the time rebutting Cheney. This should have been a softball! Here’s what I would say: “The similarity is we have both been successful financially. The difference is that I did it by helping people fight abusive corporations, he did it by profiting off one of those corporations.”

(10:33) I wonder how much we’ll hear in the press of how much Cheney muffled his mic or how you could hear Edwards tearing his paper so loud. Or how the moderator lost her place for a moment and almost gave Edwards an extra rebuttal. Oops!

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