Day of Forgetting “I propose that Remembrance Day, Armistice Day and Memorial Day, when ceremonies are held for the war dead, be changed to The Day of Forgetting… I believe the best way to honour the dead and give them dignity is to forget our anger, division and differences.”

Found via the very awesome Jonathan Barnbrook exhibit at the Design Museum.

1 thought on “Day of Forgetting

  1. They don’t want us to forget. If we forget then they will have to come up with a new group to hate. The only way Bush and his nuts can stay in power is to give the average stupid American something or someone to hate. If we don’t have someone to hate, we will see what a screwed up mess we have in our country.
    Number of Operations Iraq Freedom
    and Enduring Freedom casualties
    as confirmed by U.S. Central
    Command: 4056

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