Want a convertible?

The weather’s getting nice, the students are gone, there’s no better time for cruising around with the top down.

Kelly Blue Book says $1,000. Make me an offer!

Convertible 1989 VW Cabriolet. Light/medium blue body, black vinyl top. Wolfsburg Edition (ie: it was made in Germany, well). 171,000 miles, power steering, power brakes, 5-speed manual clutch. Top was replaced in 2000. AM/FM tape deck with detachable face. Nice wheels. No A/C, no cruise control. Some small cosmetic paint issues and minor* mechanical problems. The inspection, registration, and insurance are all current.

I have owned this car since 1996, it’s a lot of fun to drive!

Here’s a picture of the exact same make, model, color and year (not my actual car):

I will add actual pictures soon!

Or maybe I’ll just take it to CarMax

* I have asked my mechanic and he certified in writing that these are not serious problems. They’re just not worth fixing on a car this old.

8 thoughts on “Want a convertible?

  1. Ruby, are you getting a new car? Hey, what year is it? I don’t think you said…

  2. Ooops, I’m updating it with the year now, which is 1989.

    I already have my new car, I’m just taking my time with the Cabriolet for some reason.

  3. You’ll be happy to know that I’m driving a Honda Civic now. Black, 2000, hatchback (DX for Honda geeks).

    And I love it – just like I knew I would. It’s like a miniature station wagon: it’s tiny but fits tons of stuff in it. I only wish it had cruise control…

  4. Many people have asked (by e-mail) “what are these problems you haven’t fixed?” Here they are:

    1. The oil light/warning is broken and consequently buzzes a lot. It’s a pretty annoying noise. There is a separate oil pressure gauge so this can be solved by just cutting the defective sensor line that goes to the warning light and buzzes.

    2. There is a light knocking or thumping feeling when you turn the steering wheel. My mechanic explained it once, but I can’t remember what’s wrong. He said it was not important and not worth fixing. I made him put it in writing.

    3. Sometimes it’s hard to start on a cold morning, but that’s pretty normal for an old car. It does always start eventually.

  5. BIG NEWS: I will be showing the car for test drives and visual inspection tomorrow, Thursday 6/9/05, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm in Carrboro. I will be in the parking lot at 501 West Main Street. This is next to the Ink Spot and in front of A.C. Fitness. There is a gas station across the street.

    Hope to see you there!

  6. SOLD! (I think.)

    I’ve got the check in hand, so as long as everything else goes as planned, the car will be fully out of my possession by next weekend. 🙂

    If you wanted to buy it and didn’t get to look at it, check back here then to see if the status has changed…

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