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Halley’s Comment ponders the lack of men in high-end (read: expensive) dating services, and the general stereotype that men think that women who use personals are “dogs.” Ow.

I did the online personals thing for a year or two. I found it entertaining for the first few months, but not terribly productive. The best it yielded was a guy who I dated for 3 weeks until he decided not to waste any more time since I clearly was not The One for him. That was in 2002. Last year he married a friend of mine who he met through J-date.

Halley says:

…women are much more practical and men are much more romantic. Men really think they’ll run into some babe on the street corner who can’t live without them.

And I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Men seem to be very fatalistic about relationships. They decide quickly whether you are The One or not. Me, how can I tell until I get to know you very well? I just can’t be sure. I think I doubt my own feelings since they’ve betrayed me before.

In the past, men’s quick decisions have frustrated me a lot. I was never The One. (Except once or twice when he very definitely wasn’t.) But then last year I picked a wonderful guy. (Don’t ask me how I had the courage to ask a near-stranger out. It helped that I had seen his website.) And somehow I didn’t screw it up! And now… well I think we think we’re The Ones! (But it took me more convincing than it did him.) So chalk one up for my romantic guy who perpetually has faith in me and our relationship even when I don’t.

So Halley, I agree that men are romantic. I just wish more of them would realize it.

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