Cheney wins

… the award for Least Credible Politician ever. Here’s his latest whopper:

Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday the increase of violence in Iraq is linked with efforts to influence the outcome of midterm elections in which Republicans are struggling to keep control of Congress.
He said al-Qaida and other elements were trying to “break the will of the American people” because “they think we don’t have the stomach for the fight long-term.”
Cheney, who 17 months ago said the insurgency was in its last throes, said that “there’s going to be probably a continued level of violence for some considerable period of time in Iraq.” He said that unlike other wars, it was unlikely there would be some dramatic turning point that signals progress.
AP: Cheney: Iraq violence linked to election

And in related news, lie-detecting technology is advancing quickly. We just need to get one of those fMRIs in the Whitehouse.

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