Celebrating at 7 months

Last weekend, I was looking at Izzy and he seemed to age before my eyes. On Saturday, I took him with me canvassing door-to-door for my old friend Mark Kleinschmidt who was running for Mayor of Chapel Hill. Izzy enjoyed it most of the way, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to entice voters with an adorable, friendly baby. It seems to have worked, because on Tuesday Izzy turned 7 months old and he also attended the victory party of the next Mayor of Chapel Hill! (He had already gone home to bed by the time the picture below was taken.)
UNITAS posse

Izzy seems to have taken a great leap forward in understanding the world around him, and in developing a sense of his own self as well. More and more he can play independently (for a little while). He is also developing some interest in “solid” food, which is a bittersweet milestone for me. It’s the first time since his conception that Izzy’s life isn’t being fully sustained by my body. I look forward to the independence this will bring me, but it’s also the beginning of the separation of us into two truly separate organisms. Yes I know that sounds weird.

The older Izzy gets, the more fun he is to be with. I never thought I would like infancy with its crying and its diapers, and I still don’t enjoy those aspects of it. But I can honestly say that the past month with Izzy has been a lot of FUN.

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