Can’t stop looking…

floodIf you’re in need of some hurricane pr0n, look no further than Flickr’s Hurricane Katrina Pool. The most amazing stuff to me is 80% of New Orleans under water. Here’s some good discussion of the disastrous potential. This is still unfolding, New Orleans is in a very tenuous position.

Jeff Jarvis asks the (to me) shocking question should New Orleans be rebuilt? I say YES. And I don’t say that about all the beach houses on barrier islands that were never meant to be so densely populated. New Orleans is responsible for a disproportionate amount of the soul of our country. We need New Orleans to be re-built. Hopefully it can be done in a way that honors its physical environment as well as its human inhabitants.

Meanwhile many thousands of people need need food, water and shelter. Here are some organizations trying to help.

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