Can US Senate candidates play nice?

Bowles 2004 told me to send this letter to all my friends, but I’m not that kind of spammer. Here you can read it at your leisure. The only action they’re asking for is for people to sign on with their name and e-mail address. It’ll probably get you added to their list, but you should probably be on their list anyway. The election is 7 weeks away!

Dear Friend,

This week, Republican Richard Burr announced that he plans to launch a “blitzkrieg” of negative attack ads against Erskine Bowles, who is running for the US Senate in North Carolina.

I believe this election should be about the issues, not attack ads. Thats why Ive joined Erskine Bowles in calling on Richard Burr to ban all negative messages, advertising and mailings in the race for the US Senate.

Please join me and demand that the candidates stay focused on the issues of importance to North Carolina by signing the petition today:

Erskine Bowles believes that the people of North Carolina are entitled to an honest and open discussion of the issues that affect thembut he needs our help to ensure that his opponent gets the message.

Thank you for helping put North Carolina first.

Bowles is quite pathetic, and difficult for a progressive to support, but all you need is a few reminders about Richard Burr, and you’ll at least know who to tell everyone to vote for (hint: it’s Bowles).

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