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Net2 - share build collaborate For those who are keeping track, I wil be away tomorrow through Thursday at the groundbreaking NetSquared conference in Silicon Valley.
I have been looking forward to it for over a year! The event aims to bring together some of the best minds from the public sector and from web 2.0 software developers to discuss how nonprofits can use the web for social change. It has the potential to fill in the gaps of other nonprofit technology gatherings that have a more limited vision (and different goals, to be fair).

Anyway, for the majority of people who can’t join us in San Jose, NetSquared has done a LOT to include participants from all over the world both in real time and asynchronously. And in addition to encouraging the use of the NET2 tag before during and after the conference, they are even hosting blogs for the participants. And there’s more. It might not all work, but I really admire them for trying this. We will certainly all learn a lot from these attempts to make the conference more inclusive and supportive of grassroots voices.

So if you have a question or point to make for the session which I am “immoderating”, Activism: when emailing your congressperson doesn’t quite feel like enough…, just post it on that page and I will try to weave it into the brief conversation.

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