But… some of my best friends are white!

Today I moderated the session on “Is cyberspace colorblind?” at PDF. It was pretty challenging, which I think it probably should be when we get into such important and difficult topics. A certain amount of respectful conflict can be very productive. I was was frustrated but not surprised at some of the white, male “A-list” bloggers who tried to undermine us or make it about them, but I feel like we managed to keep it on track and enlightening. I really wanted to have more dialog with the audience but there was nowhere near enough time.

It was an immense honor for me to share the stage with four incredibly smart people,a nd I learned a lot from all of their comments. I’m looking forward to seeing what Cheryl, Chris, Anil, and Liza have to say about the session on their blogs. Plus we will be continuing the conversation at the PDF unconference tomorrow.

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