Bush fails

My dad is a high-school math teacher so I should be able to figure this one out. On a 4-point scale, not including the incompletes:

 1 A- (4)
 9 C  (2)
12 D  (1)
 5 F  (0)
Bush's GPA = 1.2 or D+

Way to go, Bush! I feel so much safer… than an Iraqi. Whenohwhen does the president get held accountable???

[The bipartisan 9/11 commission] issued a “report card” reviewing how the commission’s 41 recommendations have been implemented, and gave the government five failing grades of F…

The government earned 12 barely passing grades of D and nine mid-level grades of C. It received two “incompletes,” and only one top grade, an A-minus in counter-terrorist financing.
Leaders failing to keep America safe: report – Yahoo! News

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