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Ever since I began to form my own identity (and maybe before then) I have been a bit of a tom boy, sometimes verging on butch. In fact if you only met me in the last 5 years, you might be surprised that I am more feminine now than I have been in a long time. Until recently, the last time I wore pink was in the 1980’s!

nice bag However, I do have one stereotypical female trait that has been with me ever since childhood: I love bags! Even when I was a little kid, I was into purses, especially one with lots of pockets. Now the majority of women’s bags these days really turn me off, but I am still on a lifelong quest to find the perfect bag. It should be sturdy enough to hold a laptop, expandable for when I have unplanned cargo, and should have a detachable part for taking just my wallet on short trips.

Anyway that’s my dream bag, and the quest continues. Meanwhile, I got a new laptop last month (woo hoo!) and I don’t have a suitable carrier for it. I’ve already scuffed up the beautiful aluminum body of it. I’ve been looking around for a long time, and I keep coming back to this one bag, the JanSport Modus Small Messenger Computer Brief. It’s nice and small, and it comes in a sedate army drab, in addition to the obligatory black, and surprisingly funky pink. It’s not quite my dream bag, but oh how I want it.

It’s really not that much compared to the value of the computer I am trying to protect. But it’s either my cheapskate side, or the smart shopper in me who isn’t quite ready to plunk down $80 for a bag that I can’t touch first. I mean, I need to love this bag. It needs to be more than OK to be my daily companion. So for some reason I am hesitating to buy this bag. I keep thinking maybe there’s a better one out there… at the thrift store… for $5. Maybe not, but that’s where I found my very favorite purse that I have been using for the past year .

Anyway, I just found a great way for any of you who would like to enable my bag habit: eBags gift certificates! Am I crazy or what? I can’t believe I just wrote a long blog post about a bag.

1 thought on “Bag lust

  1. Further research revaled that the Jansport website shows this bag with slightly different colors – a significant improvement IMO.

    That and free shipping from eBags finally got to me. I ordered the bag this weekend. You can can bet I will give a full report later…

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