Backpack broke

I think I just broke Backpack, the uber-trendy new personal publishing/information management tool. I’ve been using it to manage my first consulting project while I get a larger organizational system in order.

I was using it today, and started to notice it was not behaving. Every time I tried to load a page, it would show me the page with most of the notes in ‘edit’ mode, but when I tried to edit them, it would return just a portion of the page. Then I would try to re-load it, and it would be in weirdo-mega-edit mode again.

So I gave up and wrote the note I was working on in e-mail. I returned to my Backpack page to find this message:

Application error (Rails)

I’d like to personally apologize to all Backpack users for crashing the system. Sorry! I’ll try not to do it again… 😉

Update: By the time I finished writing this blog post, it was back up and running. Whew!

2 thoughts on “Backpack broke

  1. Now it seems I have busted Wikipedia as well! 🙁

    Woe to all computers that cross my path!

    Sorry- we have a problem…
    The servers are currently overloaded, or down.
    Hopefully this will be fixed soon; please check back in a few minutes, as the problem is most likely temporary
    To get information on what’s going on you can visit #wikipedia.
    An “offsite” status page is hosted on OpenFacts.
    Due to the ever-increasing number of people visiting Wikipedia and its sister Wikimedia projects, we have a constant need to buy new hardware to keep the site running. If you’d like to help, please donate (off site version).
    Some links to pass the time:

    * Wikipedia’s ever-increasing popularity
    * Paper describing the wikimedia network structure

    Generated Tue, 05 Jul 2005 20:17:16 GMT by (squid/2.5.STABLE9.wp20050410.S9plus[icpfix,nortt,htcpclr])

  2. Update: Backpack was a fun experiment, but ultimately couldn’t meet my needs, even when limited to just one project. I’ve upgraded to Basecamp for now, but I’m still dreaming of a solution that will integrate project management with billing…

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