Ashcroft Strikes Out

Let’s hear it for the judiciary branch! Now What brings good news: three different judges have now found Bush’s abortion ban (on so-called “partial birth abortion“) to be unconstitutional. But it’s not over yet!

While disdain for a Congress indifferent to women’s health – or anyone’s health, for that matter – is easy to come by, it’s the audacity of the DOJ that really gets my goat. Undaunted by new rulings that mirror old rulings, the DOJ filed an appeal in the San Francisco case in August. After all, those who oppose abortion under any circumstance, including the attorney general, don’t just bide their time until a newly configured U.S. Supreme Court reverses a previous Supreme Court ruling on the matter. There are myths to fuel and gross misrepresentations to sell.

The icing on the cake is Ashcroft was also denied his attempt to peek at women’s private medical records. (Perhaps this will satisfy him.)

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