An incredibly good idea

Local 506 (an excellent bar with live music) now has a weekly podcast previewing upcoming shows with audio clips of the bands. Click here to subscribe to the RSS podcast feed. This makes so much sense – what the bands sound like is probably the most important factor in deciding whether to go to a show, and I can’t get that as effectively from music reviews, best bets, the radio, or other online or offline listings.

One big suggestion, though: they need to post entries on a blog instead of as RSS-only so that anyone can visit their website and listen to a show in the web browser without having to “subscribe” and have an MP3 player (or iTunes).

Thanks to Tim Ross, one of my favorite DJs for the tip on the 506 podcast.

3 thoughts on “An incredibly good idea

  1. Great, Elizabeth! Good job.

    Have y’all considered making the audio available on the web in blog format as well as by RSS? I think this would open it up to a lot more people who could listen without subscribing or even having to know what a “podcast” is.

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