Ami & Katrin, part 2

Discussion: what other cool things are out there and how we can use tools like these in our work…

  • Skype, voice comments on blogs.
  • Screen casting. He reviews the evolution of the wikipedia page about “heavy metal umlaut”
  • Wikis:, the NTC wiki. The collective editing and writing raises questions of trust. Do you basically believe in the goodness of human nature.
  • So how should we use these tools in our missions? Mapping demographics, geocaches. Have activists converge on legislators. Like flash mobs for justice. A guy in the audience says the missing link is aggregation.
  • I spoke about NPOblogs and the awesome power of RSS.
  • How do you keep up with cool new stuff? Jon Udell, Many-to-many, BoingBoing.
  • Audience comment: How about using this to create a collaborative workspace? Grantmakers working with grantees.

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