Al Franken

Al Franken
I’m listening to Al Franken speak at breakfast at the Carolina Inn. So far he likes grits and hates Coach K. Pander much?

You can listen listen to him broadcasting live from Chapel Hill from noon to 3pm on WCHL 1360 AM today. Chapel Hill Towncouncil Member Mark Kleinschmidt will be om the show at 1:30. If you don’t live near hear, I think you can listen online somehow.

2 thoughts on “Al Franken

  1. Obvious “pandering” is just a part of Al Franken’s humor. His daughter went to Duke, or so I understand. Anyway, I was really happy to see him for the 3rd time in my life. Thanks to WCHL for bringing him to town and for airing his show. It’s one of the many things to love about living here.

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