Advocacy 2.0: the slideshow

I had a few requests for the presentation on network-centric advocacy that I did at Yearly Kos and at BarCampRDU last weekend (two sessions for the price of one PowerPoint!). I’ve posted it on Flickr, and am also working on a more substantial blog post about our session on “Politics 2.0” at yKos. Until that comes together, here are notes from two people who were there: Michael Hoffman at see3 communications and Kenneth Quinnell at T. Rex’s Guide to Life.

I promise, most of the slides are more fun than this one. But if you only see one, it has to be this:
Click above, then select ‘View as slideshow’ for optimal experience.

4 thoughts on “Advocacy 2.0: the slideshow

  1. Why don’t you upload your powerpoint into slideshare and add to nptech group?

    You can also make a recording of your talk and add it slideshare as a “slidecaste” – it would be so awesome to hear your voice narrating these.

  2. I tried to visit the flicker site, but was turned away at the door, with a semi-polite “This page is private.

    Oops! You don’t have permission to view this page.

    Here’s a link back to your home page.”

    I agree with another poster that is a good way to be available and have appropriate exposure.

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