A smashing success

We had over 80 126 avatars in attendance which is pretty much exceeds the limit of what Second Life can tolerate (SL Capitol Hill is TWO islands mashed together). We had people from all around the country and a few from around the world, I think we broke Second Life, and I was interviewed by BBC radio!!!!

Lots more links and pics to come. Now back to my first life…


Thanks to Errcheck Hicks, Effulgent Brown, Rik Riel, Kiwini Oe, TROI Timtam, Drew Frobozz, and everyone who participated in any way!!!

Update: After I left, an Iraqi refugee who is living in Jordan came by and shared his experiences. Several people reported that it was a touching and apt closure to the event, really bringing the problems back home to a personal scale. I got the transcript of that and will try to post it later.

I posted some more pictures from today and made an album on flickr. More cool pictures and an interesting blog entry were posted by the only furry at the march.

Because of SL crashing, I lost much of the chat log which includes people saying where they were from and making up slogans and stuff. 🙁 Hopefully someone else who was there will send me a copy.

Someone from Capitol Hill also sent me some pictures of the event, but I don’t know how to get the images out of Second Life!

I’ll keep watching to see what turns up…

6 thoughts on “A smashing success

  1. Congratulations on a job well done! It was truly a moving experience, and hanging out with Spider from Iraq was a perfect closing to the event.

    Thanks again for all of your work.

    I will be posting video soon.

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