A silly idea

If you have no sympathy for my weakness for cheap, well-designed, mass-manufactured home furnishings, you may want to just skip this post…

Anyway, I was just thinking that there are so many IKEA products that are only available in the stores, I’ll bet someone could make a tidy sum as a runner. You would get folks’ shopping lists, buy the stuff in the store and deliver it to folks who live hours away. I think I would pay for this, but not very much.

Maybe I will post this on washingtondc.craigslist.org and see if anyone bites. If not, I may have to go into business myself. One weekend a month road tripping to NoVA/DC. I could handle that.

7 thoughts on “A silly idea

  1. Don’t worry, Anton. I was actually just there last Saturday! Then I got home and realized I needed a bunch of little things that they don’t sell online. (Hence this post.) But I’ll be in DC again in a few weeks.

  2. This is not a silly idea! It seemed, for a while, as if db and I were constantly up in DC at IKEA. We could’ve done this! More importantly, we have a little round-robin trade-off thing going with friends for Trader Joe’s. Whomever is in the vicinity next picks up what everybody needs. Damn, I miss Trader Joe’s.

  3. Sally, they list tons of stuff on their website, they just won’t sell it to you there. It’s a very cruel joke, actually. Plus the print catalog is very thorough, although sometime hard to get a hold of.

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