Update from the left coast

I used to have a little “Where’s Ruby” feature up on the corner of my site because my friends (understandably) could never keep up with when I was in town or away. I may re-institute it depending on how much travel I end up doing for my new job. But for now here’s your update: I’m in San Francisco.

When I get back I will have one whirlwind day professionally evicting some very unwelcome guests from my home, then I’m gone to the beach for what we call a “bachelorette” party, for lack of a better term. (Mental note: Get supplies at Good Vibrations while I’m in SF.) I’ll be back for 3 days and then Brian and I are off to a Rakoff family (my mom’s peeps) gathering in Cleveland.

As usual, when it rains it pours. But I sure can’t complain.

PS: I’m reading a crazy wonderful bizarre book, which I hope to blog about more later, but meanwhile let me just say that Cintra Wilson is an evil genius. Go, girl.

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