18 thoughts on “The tribulations of a basketball lover

  1. Charles Lee says:

    HO WOW!!!!!!!! That game is happening now….and I am sure you mean contentment in terms of the Cavaliers steamrolling some Tarheels!!!!!!!!!! GO CAVS!!!!!!!

  2. Dream on, my friend. According to the web site (I don’t have time to watch) the score is: UNC 33, UVA 29 at halftime.

    Actually that’s a little closer than I expected… šŸ™

  3. Charles Lee says:

    Watching a game tracker…..not looking good for the Cavaliers……when the point spread is greater than the minutes left in the half it ain’t good.

  4. Charles Lee says:

    When I started watching the gametracker the spread was 5 points, then it went to 1 point…..after a flood of fouls and turnovers it’s 20!!!!!

  5. Charles Lee says:

    Thank you for your graciousness, but it’s little consolation when one has to watch a 1 point spread spread to 20, yipes stripes!!!!

  6. Charles Lee says:

    I’m pretty ignorant of this sport, I can only hope there are more than two half play periods!!!!

  7. Sorry, just 2 halves in college b’ball.

    This is awesome, you are live-blogging the game and I don’t even have to watch someone else’s web site. šŸ˜‰

    Keep going!

  8. The pineapple comment might sound strange to folks who don’t know you live in Bangkok. Is that all you’re full of?

    It’s sort of nice that the Internet allows you to share the experience your team losing from the other side of the planet. šŸ˜‰

    Good night!

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