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Hey, I’m a video blogger

I tried making some videos for election day as an experiment, and I think it went pretty well. The first one is 16 minutes, I made it in my office with iMovie and my laptop’s built-in camera. I made 3

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Treo deathmatch

I’m getting ready to replace my trusty 3-year-old Treo 600 with a newer model. I’m looking at the colorful and affordable 680, and the newer, professional 755p. They are almost the same with the following differences. Any advice? Treo 755p

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Google Calendar

Thanks, Google. But I’m not going to use this or any other web-based calendar until it syncs with my Treo and my desktop, and lets me control how much information is shared with others. Is that so much to ask?

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Letter to Google

I just sent the following message to . I love the new mobile-friendly homepage. However, I think it has one big mistake that could easily rectified.

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Treo 650

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Speaking of my phone…

Treo 650: Oh. My. God.

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Consider yourself… warned

Sprint and Cingular are both on my shit list now. Since I got my fabulous Treo 600 almost 3 weeks ago, it has worked great.. EXCEPT you can’t call me on it. You can’t leave me a message either. There

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Hi from Trixie

Sorry it’s been a little quiet on the blog this week. I have two new obsessions. One is WordPress, an open source blogging tool. I’m trying to move over there, but it’s a difficult process. As if it wasn’t

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ruby+izzy on NYE

Welcome to the online home of Ruby Sinreich. Twitter has nearly killed my blogging so I recommend keeping up with me there: @Ruby.

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