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HASTAC Features

The culmination of two months of very hard work, HASTAC Collections is a beta feature of that brings together content from across the site in a hand-curated list of posts which can be viewed in a large tiled display, or in a multifunction list view. Collections are not limited to highlighting content, links to other sites are highlighted with yellow buttons. When viewing as a list, users can sort and filter the collection by type of content, topics and tags, and keywords in the title or body.

Digital Badges collection

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It’s alive: the new!

hastac screenshot 2011

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lotusmedia, circa 2002

lotusmedia, circa 2002
Just followed a link to the Wayback Machine ( and thought I’d see what my own web site looked like. I actually started lotusmedia (the web site and my freelance consulting business) 10 years ago!

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The new is taking shape

new alphaThis week I have been in geek heaven. Along with the rest of the Duke-based HASTAC staff, I have been testing the alpha version of our new site, and we’re thrilled with how it’s coming along. We expect the new site to launch by early July.

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Developing a thoughtful RFP

Remember the RFP that I bragged, err, blogged about back in July? If not: I released a detailed request for proposals (RFP) from Drupal developers to build a new web site for Last week I spoke to the HASTAC Steering Committee about the process of creating it. I thought other folks would also be interested in hearing about how we did it as well.

This presentation below was made as we went along, rather than after the fact, so some ideas evolved and didn’t come out as originally planned – and that’s a good thing. We are now preparing to interview the three top vendors out of 20 that submitted proposals.

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Delivering more than an RFP

[HASTAC site map]UPDATE: Download the RFP as a PDF (5 MB).

I feel a little like I just gave birth to another baby, but thank goodness it took less than 9 months to gestate and was a lot less painful to deliver!

Less than one year after starting my job at HASTAC and almost immediately overseeing the re-launch of (that I didn’t help create) I realized that our site would have to be re-built entirely from scratch. I spent this summer working with my colleagues to create a clearer vision and a plan for a complete overhaul of the site. Here’s the request for proposals: I’m really proud of this document as it shows a solid foundation, a forward-thinking vision, and a practical strategy for how to make best use of our great ideas, the Drupal platform, and a brilliant and engaged community of members.

My boss Cathy Davidson is a deep and complex thinker. Here’s some of what she had to say about the RFP on her blog today…

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The Advocacy Project

miscellaneous site development and maintenance for and international partner organizations, including,,,   redesigned NGO Committee on UNICEF (2002)      

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Cooperativa Comunitaria Latina de Credito

designed, constructed, & maintained bilingual web site

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Ellie Kinnaird for N.C. Senate

designed, constructed, & maintained web site    

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Orange County Dispute Settlement Center

complete website design • trained staff to maintain website • technical assistance

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ruby+izzy on NYE

Welcome to the online home of Ruby Sinreich. Twitter has nearly killed my blogging so I recommend keeping up with me there: @Ruby.

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