Bridging The On-Line Real-World Gap

As I was Googling for something from an old work project, I stumbled across this interview with Marshall Kirkpatrick from 2006. Marshall and I had met a few years before at the Nonprofit Technology Conference. He has gone on to become a leading blogger on new media issues and is now a Senior Writer at […]

How to keep thinking like a network

I had a great time today at the 2010 N.C. Tech for Good Conference. (Izzy enjoyed the reception afterward.) I did a talk called “How to think like a network,” which is my latest iteration of my favorite subject: the five aspects of effective networks, a.k.a. network-centric advocacy. I’ve been talking to nonprofits, geeks, and […]

Widgets for change

In honor of the launch of’s new political actions tools and of the fact that I am going the be the “project champion” for the Genocide Intervention Network next week at NetSquared, here’s a widget that brings them both together. The Genocide Intervention Network envisions a world in which the global community is willing […]