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HASTAC Features

The culmination of two months of very hard work, HASTAC Collections is a beta feature of that brings together content from across the site in a hand-curated list of posts which can be viewed in a large tiled display, or in a multifunction list view. Collections are not limited to highlighting content, links to other sites are highlighted with yellow buttons. When viewing as a list, users can sort and filter the collection by type of content, topics and tags, and keywords in the title or body.

Digital Badges collection

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Joi Ito rallies the troops to a maker revolution at MozFest

Citing a conversation with the great activist/thinker/lawyer Lawrence Lessig, Ito said “You don’t win by changing the world’s laws. You win by changing the world’s culture.” Whether you think of yourself an activist or not, “Understand that what you are doing is political. It will disrupt the system. Embrace it with your fist in the air” says Ito.

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Debate fun

I don’t think I could sit through the canned B.S. that are American political debates without the deep insight and cutting snark of my friends on Twitter.

So I Storified my favorite bits:

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I stand for a free and open Internet.

A few weeks ago as many of us were patriotically wishing a happy birthday to the United States of America, a coalition of organizations including the ACLU and EFF launched a Declaration of Internet Freedom. I love how simple they kept it, while also encouraging engagement with the statement in a variety of online communities. The declaration is below, in text as well as the obligatory infographic format.

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Fun with Old Tweets

The brilliant Kellan Elliott-McCrea (my friend and former colleague) has put together a searchable archive of the first year of Twitter posts, and I’ve had some fun quickly going down the rabbit hole to 2006 when I had just gotten married and was enjoying travelling around to DC and other places for my job at NetCentric Campaigns.

I tweeted 170 times in that first year, starting in October 2006, about 6 months or so after Twitter was born.

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NCT4G: Doing more with less in 2012

NCt4G2012They’re trying something new this year at the N.C. Tech for Good Conference. Last year, I helped facilitate the North Carolina nonprofit community’s first experiment with an unconference! It went pretty well, but many NCT4G attendees were not convinced to spend a second day on this strange new format – or maybe they just understandably didn’t want to work on a Saturday.

gridThis year, I have worked with the conference organizers to develop a hybrid format. I have seen hybrids work well, and I’ve seen them fail badly. I think we have come up with a structure that is truly the best of both worlds. This new approach gives us some reassurance in advance that there will be some great sessions to attend, but also allows the attendees to shape the event into whatever they want and need. Many participants don’t think of themselves as leaders but just as everyone has something to learn, everyone has something to share as well. This event allows everyone to do both.

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Bridging The On-Line Real-World Gap

As I was Googling for something from an old work project, I stumbled across this interview with Marshall Kirkpatrick from 2006. Marshall and I had met a few years before at the Nonprofit Technology Conference. He has gone on to

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Stop censorship. Stop PIPA/SOPA.

A blog post I wrote for work at  HASTAC is joining with others around the U.S. and globally on the Internet to protest the outrageous SOPA/PIPA bill that – yes – is still making its way through Congress right now. Major organizations such Wikipedia,Mozilla, and many

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Occupy Wall Street

If you only get your news from mainstream broadcast and print media, you may not be aware that thousands of people have been participating in an occupation of Wall Street (yes, that Wall Street in Manhattan) for over a week. About 300 are there right now (Sunday morning). Many people have been arrested for things like “disorderly conduct” ie: annoying the police without breaking any real laws.

Here’s a live streaming video from the street, after the jump I’ll post some more links.


Just heard on the live stream from a protester named Lizzie, who just finished telling the story of her arrest: “You don’t need to be here (on Wall Street), light that fire in your own community.” A lot of my friends have been pointing out the difference between how this is (or isn’t) being covered compared to your average Tea Party protest. Can you imagine if a bunch of Republicans took an action this dramatic, or were treated this inhumanely? Not just FOX but CNN and even MBNBC would be en fuego.

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The new is taking shape

new alphaThis week I have been in geek heaven. Along with the rest of the Duke-based HASTAC staff, I have been testing the alpha version of our new site, and we’re thrilled with how it’s coming along. We expect the new site to launch by early July.

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ruby+izzy on NYE

Welcome to the online home of Ruby Sinreich. Twitter has nearly killed my blogging so I recommend keeping up with me there: @Ruby.

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