Fun with Newt

Newt in tank Today newt Gingrich is making a visit to Capitol Hill on Second Life. I’m trying to think of slogans to put on our avatars’ signs and t-shirts. I can’t decide whether to go for sarcastic (“Newt ’08″) or angry (“lying hypocrite”). Suggestions?

Newt links:

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5 comments on “Fun with Newt
  1. Luis says:

    Newt/Voldemort ’08? (inspired by’s ‘Republicans for Voldemort’ stuff.)

  2. Good one. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

    lyinghypocrite Newt08

  3. ThomasT says:

    In RSS mode, I thought that the “Newt ’08″ might be to subtle and susceptible to misinterpretation. But the art makes it work perfectly!

    Pursuing that theme, additional inspiration might come from my favorite comedic-country band, the Austin Lounge Lizards, in their song Gingrich the Newt.

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