The latest tribulations of being @ruby

I just don’t even know what to do with all the obnoxious kiddies on Twitter anymore. I grow weary, and have no more cute hashtags with which to shame them. Read on or below…

Children on the Internetz

  1. @Ruby @ObeyRuby_ Maam, That wasn’t very nice. Is this how lotusmedia represents themselves? An Easy No Would have done just fine. Sad.
  2. Dear @ObeyRuby_ & co, I apologize for being an old fart who been using Twitter since before you could TXT. Why should I give you my name?
  3. @Ruby chill, it’s time to hop off the Internet if you can’t tell apart from sarcasm x
  4. @ObeyRuby_ @Ruby she’s a very sad old lady, my friend jacked it early last year and she took it to court, cried to twitter and got it back
  5. @ObeyRuby_ @Ruby I believe so yea, She’s an absolute nerd. She won’t give it to you aha.
  6. @ObeyRuby_ @Ruby Indeed, my friend took it then 5 mins later he got an email saying it was taken from her (This was at 3am in her time, lol.
  7. @Horizon_Con @Ruby should be worrying about her child not taking someone to court over a twitter @ name lmao
  8. @Horizon_Con Oh, are you friends with Dane P Shorter, aka “isol8te”? Did he tell you I sued him? For my own account? Um, no. @ObeyRuby_

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