Americans Who Tell the Truth

This collection of portraits of Americans Who Tell the Truth is truly inspirational and something I’d like to spend a lot more time with.

Depicted below are my personal inspiration Ella Baker, and my personal friend (!) Stan Goff.

Ella Baker Stan Goff

When I first started in participating in online communities in the early 90’s I chose the handle Ella_Baker to show how I was inspired both by her dedication and by her visionary (if not visible) leadership. The sad thing is that no-one ever recognized it as a pseudonym and folks just called me Ella.

Stan has been a friend for years, epsecially after bonding on many trips to protest together in Fayetteville, Raleigh, and DC and after Brian and I set up his blog. It’s an honor to know an activist and hero like him.

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  1. Very Cool. Robert Shetterly actually lives up here in Maine, and I first saw his work displayed at a Peace Conference at U Maine a few years ago. I’d highly recommend seeing the work in the flesh if you get a chance. Very powerful indeed.

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